The 21st Century Mom: How Jezzel Garcia Used Technology and Multi-Tasking to Succeed

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes. But one thing’s for sure: they all deserve our appreciation and love for the great things they do. In this day and age, motherhood has developed into something else entirely. With the advent of technology, not all moms are stay-at-home housekeepers anymore. While many moms opt to turn the home into their vocation, quite a few special and strong women take on another task alongside motherhood: entrepreneurship.

Jezzel Garcia of Holy Skull: Using Tech & Multi-Tasking to Succeed

And why not? Clearly, there are a number of traits they can take from motherhood into the challenging world of business. Successful mompreneurs are able to incorporate what they’ve learned from taking care of a family into growing a business.

One example is Ms. Jezzel Garcia of Holy Skull, who started off as a seller of iconic one-piece swimsuits on Instagram, and who is now well on her way to expanding and growing her business, Holy Skull.

“I studied the market and I saw that there weren’t a lot of brands selling one-piece swimsuits,” she shares. “There are some, but the designs were the usual. My goal is for my customers to stand out. Holy Skull is a label for women who want [a] unique, edgy, eclectic addition to their wardrobe that's guaranteed to stand out.”

Selling on Instagram allowed her to work from home, or while she was on the move. Having started off as a single mom, this was a great help. At the same time, it honed an essential skill that she would use in both motherhood and business.

“You know how other people find it hard to multitask?” she says. “Mothers are very good at multitasking. Mothers can take care of their babies while cleaning the dishes. Mothers can do the laundry while helping their child with their homework. For single mothers, they can be both parents. When you’re a mom and entrepreneur at the same time, yes, it’s harder, but the fact that you are raising a child only means that you are capable of making things work.”

In the past three years since she started, Jezzel has developed and curated her products, operations and branding in order to be unique, accessible and appealing to her market. In addition to that, she’s even developed an advocacy.

“The products I first started selling were imported, but then I realized I wanted my products to be more meaningful. I wanted them to be Filipino-made, to be my own design, [and] to be my direct reflection,” she shares. “Now, from design to production, Holy Skull is 100% locally made.”

Jezzel Garcia of Holy Skull: Using Tech & Multi-Tasking to Succeed

But while she’s seen success, it hasn’t always been easy. She shares that one of the toughest parts of running her business is that she’s a one-woman team. This was especially tricky on the days she had to put being a mother over being a business owner.

“I gave birth last March 2016, and the orders were non-stop. Everything was great but I also had to take care of my newborn son,” she shares. “I wasn’t able to inform some of my customers who ordered and inquired about my products. Some got mad…but some were understanding of my situation. [I learned] that I should have made sure operations were still running even though I was on maternity leave, and ensured that my clients were informed accordingly. ‘Business is business,’ so they say.”

Having learned from every challenge along the way, she’s also gotten some achievements under her belt, saying, “As a mom and as a business owner, I feel like my biggest achievement was that I was able to prove to myself that even though I became a mom at a young age, I [could] still start my own business and do what I really want. Before, I would dream alone, but now I have my children with me reaching for my goals.”

She also has some very practical advice for mothers like her who are entrepreneurs, or thinking of starting a business:

“Stop trying to balance everything. Work-life balance does not exist. Work is part of life. There are things that you really have to give up so you can focus on what’s more important. If you keep trying to balance, you’ll struggle. When you struggle in any area of your life, you stress in every area of your life. [So] focus on what is worth spending time and energy on rather than balancing."

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