32 Years in the Making: the Secret to Buddy’s Success and its Big Plans for the Future

If you’re looking for delicious homegrown food from Lucban, Quezon, look no further than Buddy’s Pancit Lucban and Longganisa Lucban, one of the most popular local restaurants in Metro Manila today. In its 32 years of existence, it has become one of the most successful businesses from Quezon Provincean achievement it owes in large part to its dedication and love for the city of Lucban.

Enter any Buddy’s branch and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into Lucban, Quezon. With the great food, the bright and colorful design, the Quezonian staff members, the fiesta music playing all day long, and the ambience of one of the best parties you’ve ever seen, it’ll seem like you just bought a one-day ticket to the pahiyas festival itself.

This is the vibe that Buddy’s provides, not just as a marketing and design strategy but as an advocacy as well. Their goal is to bring the pahiyas festival to life in every branch, and to raise awareness about their unique hometown in the process.

Buddy’s was started in 1985 by Salvador “Buddy” Veluz, and is currently run by his entire family. We spoke to Operations Manager Ms. Ysabelle Veluz about Buddy’s undeniable appeal, and how the next generation is developing Buddy’s for even bigger successes in the 21st century.

Ysabelle shared the story of how her father used to be a performer and Electrolux seller before returning to his hometown, Lucban, and finding his roots again through farming and cooking. From lumpia to Buddy burgers to various other items on their menu, all of Buddy’s food was greatly loved by friends, neighbors, and fellow residents of Lucban. Thus, he opened the first Buddy’s restaurant in the ground floor of his ancestral home, and from there, it seems the rest is history.

“We Filipinos, we love flavorful food. And our serving sizes…some say one order is good for two people; it’s big enough to share,” Ysabelle says. “And for us, people from Quezon work differently. We really try to prioritize Quezonians. As of now, 90-plus percent of our employees all come from Quezon, and all of our cooks for Pancit Lucban are only from Lucban.”

The Secret to Buddy’s Success and its Big Plans for the Future


She says that this adds to the authentic experience at Buddy’s as well, since customers really feel like they’re in pahiyas thanks to the interior, the food, and even the accents they hear from the local Quezonians serving them with big smiles.

But the real cause of Buddy’s appeal is, according to Ysabelle, “the quality of our food and our service. [That’s consistently high] because my parents really take care of our people. We have employees who have already spent 29 or 31 years in Buddy’s, and Buddy’s is 32 years old. So we’re so lucky and blessed that we really have good people with us. [...] My dad always says, ‘People first, then profit will follow.’ And up until now, we really hold that concept.”

Buddy’s Pancit Lucban and Longganisa Lucban


This dedication to quality and employee relations has done them well. They currently have 15 branches in Luzon10 in Metro Manila, and five back home in Quezon. Besides that, their commitment to consistency makes them directly responsible for Buddy’s success.

“Every week, even when we were younger, [my parents] would go to the stores,” Ysabelle says. “They shopped at Divisoria for the supplies. That’s how hands-on they are. And it’s nice because they passed that onto us.”

Taking these lessons with them, the next generation of managersYsabelle and her two older brothersare continuing their father’s legacy as well as constantly improving the brand and its operations. Additionally, they’re preparing Buddy’s for the digital world, so that the brand can be more competitive and up-to-date.

“Technology and digital tools definitely play a vital role in the company everyday,” Ysabelle says. “We’re currently automating all of our systems. We’re trying to go paperless. Also, all of our supervisors, our managers, and everyone in key positions own a company cellphone. Because it’s easier [and more convenient].”

As the brand’s marketing strategist, she’s also preparing to launch and manage Buddy’s social media accounts very soon.

“The company has always relied only on word of mouth. Would you believe Buddy’s doesn’t have a marketing department?” she says with a laugh. “But social media plays a big role in companies. With just one click, with just one post, you can reach thousands of your customers and potential customers. So, in a few weeks’ time, we’re finally re-launching our social media accounts. We’re tapping into the digital world.”

Additionally, to make things more convenient and hassle-free for their staff as well as their customers, they have adopted automated systems for their inventory, centralized sales, and employee correspondence. By doing these, they’re digitizing their operations to ready themselves for bigger and better sales.

But through it all, Ysabelle knows they’re still the same Buddy’s. She says, “With the advent of technology, we have to adapt to changes. At Buddy’s, we’re continuously improving our system and our brand, but we always stick to our identitywhat Buddy’s is. Even though we’ve made some changes, when people see us, they still know this is Buddy’s.”

Buddy’s Pahiyas


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