Building a Community and Empowering Belief: The Mystic Brew Success Story

The Mystic Brew Success Story

There’s always room for a little magic in your life. This is one of the guiding principles behind Mystic Brew Cafe and Curios, a quaint little “playground for the arts” in BF Resort, Las Piñas City. At first glance, entering this cafe feels like being welcomed into a warm home―an impression that isn’t wrong, considering it is, in fact, home to proprietor Tristan Jovellana and his wife―but a further look (and maybe a drink or two) is enough to show that there’s more to this establishment than meets the eye.

Tristan founded Mystic Brew in 2012 with the goal of creating a place where anyone can celebrate who they are, not just physically or emotionally, but spiritually as well. The place is every fantasy lover’s dream, with allusions and references to popular books, movies and TV series set in every corner, like tidbits only specific people can relate to and enjoy. More importantly, the cafe’s welcoming ambience and hospitable staff ensure that it’s also a venue for all kinds of belief to peacefully coexist. Whatever religion you adhere to, whatever philosophy you follow, and whatever spirituality you believe in, there’s more than enough room for you at Mystic Brew.

“I think people are really looking for a place where they can just be themselves […] We wanted to take [the business] to the realm of spirituality without being so exclusive or alienating other people in the process,” Tristan says, sharing his vision for the cafe.

It’s a vision largely based on his own love for all things fantasy, and one that produces unique offerings to his loyal patrons. Every so often, Mystic Brew hosts tarot reading sessions, art workshops, Red Curtain shows for various performing groups, OPM nights for amateur and professional singers, and even Youth for Christ or Singles for Christ events. In doing this, they’re providing a space for artists to call home, welcoming all kinds of faith and spiritual practices, and reveling in the shared cultural experiences.

The Mystic Brew Success Story

All in all, Tristan describes Mystic Brew as being open to a greater community, and not a particular mainstream belief or section of society. This is exactly what makes it so appealing to its patrons, who have gladly become part of the cafe’s progress through the years.

A lot of Mystic Brew’s space and infrastructure is crafted by hand, including some furniture, curios, and artworks. Tristan adds, “There are also contributions of customers, who have become patrons, who have become friends. That’s the great thing about having […] a coffee shop or a café; it’s a way for you to mingle with people, and it’s a way for you to make that creative connection.”

Through this connection, Mystic Brew has established a community that is passionate, welcoming, and progressive all at once. It’s no surprise that people gravitate toward the cafe’s unique charm and ambience; Filipinos are a faith-driven people, with most being religious or having some form of otherworldly belief. Mystic Brew further targets a market of people who have an open mind and are forward-thinking, and who frequent the cafe in order to celebrate life without prejudice and bias.

By building a community for this niche market, Mystic Brew has established itself as a great place for a good time. Plus, the cafe’s quirks and fun little references―like its most popular drink Butter Brew, which alludes to Harry Potter’s favorite beverage, and its bestselling dessert The Crop Circles, which hint at a familiar staple in various alien franchises―keep yuppies, foodies, and fans coming back.

The Mystic Brew Success Story

Finally, a large part of Mystic Brew’s appeal can be attributed to its owner and its staff. Tristan shares, “I think [for] a lot of small and medium enterprises, a lot of their energy and appeal comes from how their proprietors come across, the energy that these proprietors or business owners lend to the people who come into their business premises.”

It’s this same energy that they extend to their neighboring residential and business establishments, believing that it’s important for any enterprise to activate its local community in order to succeed. He adds, “Even if there are people coming from far away, you have to remember that your primary market is your immediate community, and you have to take care of that.”

Community-building has always been a big part of what Mystic Brew has to offer, and its open, accepting and creative environment contribute greatly to its success. By empowering people from all walks of life and all kinds of faith, Mystic Brew provides a safe haven for believers everywhere.

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