How to Make the Most Out of Working from Home

How to Make the Most Out of Working from Home

Businesses can be of any size, especially in the Philippines, where 99.5% of the country’s enterprises are micro, small, or medium. While a lot of focus is being placed on the speedy growth of small businesses and competitive power of medium enterprises, micro businesses, which are the bulk of the enterprises in the country, are also making waves in their own respective industries.

Nino Fajermo, owner of one such micro business called Fudge Kookies, knows you don’t need a big establishment, a huge team, or multiple branches to launch a business, all you need is the drive to keep going and the tools to succeed. Fudge Kookies is a small business with big dreams operated from Nino’s own home, and in the years since its launch, it’s been steadily thriving.

How to Make the Most Out of Working from Home

Here’s how Nino was able to face the challenges of working from home:

Knowledge of the Business

Having previously owned a cafe, he had a running start by setting up Fudge Kookies with the equipment and capital already in place. His years of experience gave him insights on how to run a smooth operation, what his market is after, and how to appeal to his customers.

However, starting up was no easy task for Nino, who found it was hard to gain proper representation. Sometimes his customers would get the impression that the business was too small or informal to deal with big events, rushed orders or high-pressure customers. To face this challenge, he uses his understanding of the industry and experience in the field to counter any wrong impressions and deliver exactly what his customers are after.

How to Make the Most Out of Working from Home

Time Management

Another common problem most solopreneurs face is time management. Especially in the case of those who work at home, there’s usually a blurry line between personal and professional time and space, and these two often tend to overlap.

In fact, for Nino, any free time he’s got at home is usually dedicated to work. He admits that in another industry, choosing to work from home might mean more free time; but success in the baking industry requires hard work done on a regular basis. He still keeps up with a routine and schedule, since every minute counts. When it comes to relaxing, then, he says, “My rest days are outside of the house. It’s really hard to separate the professional and personal life. So what I do is I go out.”

How to Make the Most Out of Working from Home

Marketing and Product Development

While marketing was tougher for small businesses in the past, with digital technology it’s now so much easier. Orders can be made to Fudge Kookies online through their Facebook page, or by contacting Nino through his mobile. Nino also does his promotion through Facebook and Instagram, showing mouthwatering and attractive photos of their cookies, cakes and other baked goods for customers to take interest in.

Right now, they’re also getting special requests for their one-of-a-kind Bacon Roses, Ham Roses, or Cupcake Roses, which prove that a unique product can really go places, even with just word-of-mouth and online advertising.

Finally, they also partner with caterers, party planners and event organizers to sponsor events like corporate gatherings, birthdays or even weddings.

How to Make the Most Out of Working from Home

The Takeaway

Nino says the best thing about working from home as a solo entrepreneur is that the pressure is low.  The expenses are leaner, you can work in a relaxed environment, and you are your own boss. He shares, “It’s nice [when] you start small, by working at home, then gradually go out of the home.”

However, he still believes that once you choose to expand, it’s smart to set up in a separate location, so you can really split the time and effort between your personal and professional life.

“If you’re really serious about going into business, I think it’s best to do that outside of the home,” he says. “But if you want to try out your concept, [you can work with a] very lean production by working from home.”