Plato PH serves innovative ways of dining in the digital sphere

With about 47% of the country’s population on social media, there is no question that a lot of us connect and gather information through our devices. Rather than seeing this as a challenge, businesses should use this as an opportunity to connect with potential clients or consumers.

Plato PH Serves Innovative Ways of Dining in the Digital Sphere

This was what the owners of Plato PH did to catapult their business to customer awareness. After officially starting early this year, their business continues to thrive thanks to the advertising opportunities Facebook has to offer; CFO and Co-Founder, Miggy Azurin, admits that this is only the beginning.

Plato PH is an online platform that brings customers to the kitchen table of some of the notable chefs in Manila. How it works is fairly simple. A potential customer can visit the website and arrange a booking with a roster of chefs, who have agreed to collaborate with the group. Once payment has been made, which can be done via bank deposit or online payment options, customers may visit the chef’s home at the designated schedule to enjoy their full-course meal.

Plato PH - Extraordinary Dining Experience

Aside from having an extraordinary dining experience, the platform opens doors to meeting new people. While it may sound questionable, Azurin says it can actually be a powerful experience to learn about the stories of other people including the chef. “It’s a very nice reminder that the people around me have their own stories as well – their own ambitions, hopes, struggles - and if people were a little bit more aware of that I think we’d live in a better place,” he added.

With the growth of the era of the collaborative economy, it is no surprise that services which are driven through an online platform are starting to open. Hence, it only makes sense for Plato PH to consider an online strategy for their business and marketing efforts.

Plato PH - An Online Platform Where Customers Meet Notable Chefs in Manila

Opening a website for Plato PH has made it easier for consumers to become aware of the brand and it has also become an avenue for easier transactions with clients. Aside from this, Azurin admits that a lot of their resources were invested on social media marketing. Both strategies have helped in expanding the reach of Plato PH in the digital sphere.

“At the start, it was really difficult because we were investing on ads we didn’t know how to configure properly - people were not engaging with our posts. A few months in, I started to get the hang of it and eventually, we changed our strategy and the reception to the website has been doing well so far and I’m really proud of that,” he said.

Plato PH - Opens Doors for You to Meet New People

Both Azurin and his co-founder and CEO, Lorenz Espiritu, hope to expand the platform in the near future by making it easily accessible on mobile. Granting that about 90% of their ads were accessed through mobile, it was definitely an insight that drove them to consider building a mobile app someday. This, along with extending their marketing efforts to Instagram and Twitter are other ways they hope to reach out to their customers.

Azurin says that there are advantages and disadvantages to online connectivity. Ironically, he finds that while the goal of digital media was to connect with others, it made us a little more secluded with other people. “We take snaps of our food first and it defeats the purpose of dining together,” he said.

Plato PH’s Digital Strategy

On the other hand, digital has made it easier for people to connect in ways we would never have thought of before. Today, they meet people who similarly share their love of food and it is a great opportunity to do this in a wider scale with a platform like this.

I’m more than optimistic on how digital can change or how it can make connectivity with people better and more personal,” he added.

Plato PH’s Digital Transformation