Taking Strength from Motherhood into the Workplace: the Fruits in Bloom Story

Being a mom means being nurturing, dedicated, and supportive. But the best moms are also resilient and strong—two traits that can make them very good business owners. As the average working mom can testify, you need strength not just when dealing with your family, but also when dealing with the challenges of entrepreneurship.

The Fruits in Bloom Story: From Motherhood to the Workplace

Leah Dy, Marketing Manager of Fruits in Bloom and dedicated mother of two, has put her persistence to the test many times throughout the process of caring for her family and growing her business. As a serial entrepreneur, she’s seen the ups and downs of many business ventures, and has steadily grown and learned from all of them.

One special case is that of Fruits in Bloom. As its marketing manager and co-founder, Leah had her own share of challenges right from the beginning.

She discovered the concept of edible arrangements six years ago while in Hong Kong. Upon discovering the international brand selling these, she contacted them in order to franchise. This didn’t push through, since the fees alone showed that franchising in the Philippines would be impractical for her and her family. She shelved the idea, but knew that it had promise, especially locally. So, despite being unable to land a franchise, she tried making the arrangements herself.

“We Filipinos, we love to give gifts, especially food,” she says. “I grabbed fruits, and then I did a lot of research. I tried to make an arrangement.”

And the product of that? With a laugh, she admits, “It was horrible, really horrible. I said, ‘There must be a way for me to educate myself.’ So I flew to Bangkok, I enrolled myself…but it was more of [into] fruit carving, so it wasn’t really what I was doing. But it opened my eyes to the possibilities of the creative things I can do with fruits.”

Once she had the concept, Leah started the business. Choosing a market was tricky, because she knew that, being a novelty product, they were at a disadvantage compared to others.

“We cater to people who like to give gifts,” she says, adding that because their products weren’t a necessity to the market, it was tough finding people who had to have them.

But with her strong belief in the concept, Leah got in touch with all her contacts, spoke to influencers and celebrities, and made a name for her brand in the market. She prioritized word of mouth, knowing that the impact of her creations is more than that of the usual cake or pastry—it’s new, it’s different, and it’s special. Thus, she developed her clientele and created brand awareness, so much so that she now has many dedicated patrons and even fans.

The Fruits in Bloom Story: From Motherhood to the Workplace

With the number of businesses under her belt, it’s no question that she’s very busy. But she manages her time by delegating tasks and knowing what to prioritize. She keeps her weekends free for family time, and involves her husband and children in the business whenever she can.  She shares, “As much as possible, I bring [my kids] with me, especially now that it’s summer. I ask them to help me, just assembling the box or counting, even if they don’t understand. Because growing up, I was with my mom all the time and I helped her with everything. I’m so thankful that I did all that, because now it makes things easier for me when I’m the one leading the whole business. So even if they don’t want, I tell them that they should do things. And of course, [I teach them] the value of money.”

Her goals for being a mom and a business owner are different, but connected. As an entrepreneur, her biggest achievement will always be keeping a growing and thriving business.  She knows that putting up a business is easy, but maintaining and sustaining it is the real challenge. She’s especially proud of how far Fruits in Bloom has come, and the bright future it has in store. As for being a mom, her greatest success is simple: having her family by her side.

“Moms are the pillar of strength. Our motto is push lang ng push,” she says. “You constantly drive to be better; you can’t show your weakness. Because when you show your weakness, the kids see it. You have to really lead by example when life has its ups and downs. [In the same way, I had to be strong in my business.] Like any other business, there were days when we started and had zero sales. But I didn’t just say, ‘Ayoko na.’”

She knows from experience that nothing is ever easy—not motherhood, and not business either.  “You have to be prepared that there’s no such thing as a perfect shot. There will be glitches, there will be a lot of ups and downs, but once you overcome them…that’s it. You’ll keep moving upward [from there]. So don’t be afraid to try.”

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