Toby Claudio: Finding Purpose by Igniting Passion in Others

Toby Claudio is the president of Quorum International Inc., a pioneer in the retail and distribution of sports and active lifestyle products in the Philippines.  He’s also the “Toby” behind the corporation’s most well-known retail chain Toby’s Sports – one of if not the most popular and trusted specialty sports stores in the country.

With his own passion for sports fueling an advocacy to help others get fit, go out and play, Toby leads a team of people intent on creating healthier, more active and more passionate customers one product at a time.

Toby Claudio on Finding Purpose by Igniting Passion in Others

“I grew up playing sports,” he shares.  “All throughout my childhood, I remember that we would go out and play catch games, watch baseball [and] basketball games when we were living in the States.  About when I was five, [my dad] started a toy store which he named after me.  It was called Toby’s Forms and Shapes.  But after a year, my dad decided to change the concept to sports because that’s what he was really passionate about.  I guess you could say it really rubbed off on me, because ever since I can remember, I always wanted to be part of the family business, and now I’m here running it.”

He firmly believes that everyone should be active, knowing that not only are sports good for staying healthy, they also teach essential values like teamwork, commitment, hard work, and fair play.  The brand shares this advocacy and offers people the tools and gear for just about every sport imaginable.

“Our mission is to help people become champions, and we do that by inspiring them to be active and [enabling] them to play sports with the right equipment,” he says.

Additionally, sports are widely recognized as an avenue for real passion, as many of the most passionate people are athletes and players.  Toby acknowledges this and is proud to say that the chain has been instrumental in getting many people to embrace and enjoy sports.

“People really tend to become passionate about their sports […] and we want to help fuel that passion.  [We try] to really understand the needs of our customers, make sure we have the right products, make sure we can give them the right advice and guide them in choosing the right equipment that will help them perform better, enjoy their sport more or simply inspire them to get active. […] We make sure that we understand and match our customers’ passion for sports.”

For this reason, from the very start, it hasn’t been hard to find inspiration in what they do.  He shares, “It’s not hard because we know that what we do really helps people.  It helps them get out, be active, [and] use their bodies the way they were meant to be used.  In doing so they live a fuller life; they’re more productive.  Especially for kids, they learn the right habits at an early age, and it’s not just for their body; it’s for their mind as well.  When you’re fit, you’re fit for life, and we like to think that what we’re doing really helps enhance lives.”

And of course, what makes the company passionate about the work they’re doing is their own love for sports.  Toby describes sports as something that brings people together, something fun and stress-relieving, and something everybody can benefit from – and clearly, his team couldn’t agree more.  They share a continuous vision down the line – to better serve the needs of their customers, to provide the right and the widest mix of items for the amateur all the way to the competitive athlete, and to inspire people to live life to the fullest by embracing sports and an active lifestyle.

All through the journey and far into the future, Toby acknowledges that passion will always have one of the most important roles in running the business.  In regard to why passion is so important, he shares, “I really think you have to love what you’re doing and find a higher purpose, because that’ll get you through all the difficult times.  In business [there will] always be difficulties, but if you believe in what you’re doing and believe that it’s really something worthwhile, then everything becomes easier.  And it’ll show in your results – everything comes easier when you love what you’re doing.”

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