1. Payment for myBusiness Apps

    1. Why do I need to enter my billing details?
    Your billing details are required for verification and security reasons.
    2. Where can I find my billing account?
    You can refer to your myBusiness bill for the account details. Please see a sample of the bill below.


    3. I am a new Globe myBusiness customer, how do I receive a billing account?
    You can contact us through the following hotlines:
    Call us:

    Luzon (02) 730-1010
    Visayas (032) 401-1010
    Mindanao (082) 321-1010


  2. Generate reports

    You can generate reports in myBusiness Dashboard. Click ‘Reports’.


    There are a few types of reports available:

    1. Login Audit Report: lists the date and time that your User logs into the Dashboard.


    2. Order Summary Report: lists the apps that you have purchased.


    3. Activity Log Report: lists the actions that were taken, from registration to launching the app.


    4. Service Access Log Report: lists the details of launching the app


    5. Service Assignment Report: lists the assignment of the user to each app

  3. How to terminate my myBusiness account?

    To terminate your account, please click here to inform us.

  4. I am not a Globe-registered customer. Can I use the free trial?

    Yes, you can use the free trial, as long as you are a business-registered customer. 

    1. How long is each trial?
      30 days.
    2. Do I have to register?
      Yes, a simple registration will do. You would need to submit your name and contact details.
    3. What happens when my free trial ends?
      You will not be able to use the app for free. 
    4. Will I receive notification before my free trial ends?
      Yes, you will receive notifications 14, 7 and 1 days before the trial ends.
    5. What will happen to my data that I used in the app for the free trial?
      The data that you used for the app will be removed from the system.
    6. I need someone to assist me further.
      Click here to seek for further assistance.
  5. Update your profile: Change password, Add department and User details

    Login to myBusiness Dashboard – click your name at the top right corner.


    You can edit your personal particulars.


    As an Administrator, in the ‘Company Information’ tab, you can set the password expiry days for security reasons or decide if end user can amend their contact email address.


    You can add new departments and organise your users respectively.


    You can change your password.


    You can view the list of Primary Administrators in your company.